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Karnataka News, Bangalore News, Mangalore News, National & Gulf News

Karnataka News, Bangalore News, Mangalore News, National & Gulf News


Now, Cut copy paste, restricted upto 25% of PhD Thesis at VTU

Bangalore :Originality and innovation born out of genuine research and data collection is...


Water purification units to come up in 6000 GPs

Bangalore: Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has said that the government will ensure that at...


KRS water to be released to canals today

Bangalore: State Housing Minister Ambarish has informed that  water from the KRS reservoir...


Mixed response to Bundh in Bangalore

Bangalore: In a pre-dawn move, the city police have decided to round up all rowdy elements in....


Congress yet to finalize candidate for Bellary Rural Assembly

Bangalore: There are around 19 Congress aspirants for the ticket to contest from Bellary....


Kagodu Timmappa's wife no more

Bangalore :Legislative Assembly Speaker Kagodu Thimmappa’s wife Sunanda Kagodu...


Bangalore rape case: Accused raped 6-yr old to take revenge

Bangalore: Wasim and Lalgiri, the prime accused in the Bangalore rape case have revealed to....


Bangalore bundh on July 31 against rise in rape cases

Bangalore :  Various organisations have given a call for a Bangalore bundh on July 31 in protest ...


7 yr old raped by housemaid’s son; accused arrested

Bangalore: A 28-year-old son  of a housemaid was arrested on Wednesday July 30, for raping....


Girl molested at Wine festival, accused booked under Goonda act

Bangalore: Two persons are arrested for molesting a teenage girl who was a volunteer at...

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