Green audit conducted at Canara College

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Green audit conducted at Canara College

Green audit conducted at Canara College

Media Release   ¦    Apr 28, 2021 11:14:53 PM (IST)

Green audit conducted at Canara College-1Mangaluru: Environmental audit was conducted at Canara College, Mangaluru on Tuesday by the committee constituted by the College Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC).

The external members of the committee included University College Mangaluru Environment Association Deputy Director Dr Siddaraju M. N, Mangalore University Department of Biosciences Professor Dr Prashanth Naik. Speaking on the occasion, Dr Siddaraju M. N said that green auditing is a management tool that enhances the overall environmental performance of an institution.

As there is no standard model for such an audit, the committee brainstormed and evolved a questionnaire. With the help of student volunteers and the basic data was compiled, which the committee analysed. By and large, the audit reveals a healthy environment on campus. The committee has made short term and long-term suggestions to take environmental protection.

Green audit conducted at Canara College-2Internal members of the committee Principal Dr Premalatha V, IQAC coordinators Dejjama. A, Hardik P. Chauhan, and Aparna, Sushama, Dhanyashree, Roopashri, Dr Yashodhara, Madhushree were present.

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