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‘INSPIRE’ Green Hospital Launched by CSI Lombard Memorial Hospital

Blessing Of The Project By Rt. Rev. Hemachandra Kumar

Mangaluru: CSI Lombard Memorial (Mission) Hospital (LMH), Udupi launched its groundbreaking ‘INSPIRE’ Green Hospital Project to mark its 101st anniversary on Saturday, June 15, 2024, at 11AM at the hospital campus in Chitpady.

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Rt Rev. Hemachandra Kumar, Bishop of the CSI Karnataka Southern Diocese, inaugurated the project by switching on the solar panel installation, which will provide renewable energy to the entire hospital campus.

Dr Ishwar Gadad, District Health Officer of Udupi, was the chief guest. Nise Meruno, a musician from Nagaland, and Rev. Ivan D. Soans, CSI Area Chairman, were the guests of honour. Dr Sushil Jathanna, Director of Mission Hospital, Udupi, presided. Deena Prabhavathi, Administrative Officer, was present on the dais.

The INSPIRE project is a comprehensive strategy to address the hospital’s environmental footprint with a focus on energy efficiency through the use of renewable energy sources, water scarcity management, waste management, tackling air pollution, promoting biodiversity on the campus, and creating public awareness about climate change and sustainability.

Addressing the gathering, Rt Rev. Hemachandra Kumar congratulated Lombard Hospital on ushering in a green revolution.

“Care for the environment is very important. Clean air, water, and food are the essentials of life. By transforming into a green hospital, Lombard Hospital will provide a heavenly atmosphere to the patients. Our small contributions will lead to the growth of the nation,” he said.

The Chief Guest, Dr Ishwar Gadad, assured the cooperation of the government health department for the green hospital initiatives. “Environmental degradation has adverse health impact and results in a vicious cycle with numerous associated problems. If we don’t wake up to environmental issues, we will all be in trouble in the long run,” he said.

He added that many public health centres in the district have already adopted solar energy and the department is seeking sponsors for the handful of remaining centres that are left out.

In his presidential address, Dr Sushil Jathanna said that INSPIRE is an integrated project that touches all aspects like clean energy, water conservation, waste management, air quality management, biodiversity on the campus, and creating mass awareness.

“This project is based on the belief that small steps taken by many people are better than big steps taken by a few people. We are grateful to the Lombard Foundation, Switzerland, for their generous support…

…This foundation was started by our founder Dr Eva Lombard’s family, and they are committed to the concept of sustainable development,” he said.


Outstanding employees from each department were given special certificates of appreciation: Annette Vikshita Bangera (Admission Coordinator), Indira P. (Receptionist), Vino Supriya D’souza (Lab Technician), Anjanappa (Pharmacy Assistant), Shyral Karkada (Staff Nurse), Celestine Suzanne (Associate Professor, College of Nursing), and Vijaya K. S. (Nursing Tutor, School of Nursing).

Best Employee for the Year 2023-24 Awards were given to Dr. Gautham S. P. (Intensivist), Santhosh Kumar (Maintenance Department), Manthly Praful Soans (Admission Coordinator), Esther Suveena Jathanna (Nursing Department), and Premalatha Bangera (Ward Ayah).

The Guest of Honour, Nise Meruno, rendered the prayer song. Dr Narayan Peralaya, Vice Principal of Lombard Paramedical College, welcomed the gathering.

Rohi Rathnakar, Head of Community Services of LMH, gave a vote of thanks. Human Resource Manager Leona Strelita anchored the event.

The programme concluded with a prayer by Rev. Ivan D. Soans.


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Dr Sushil Jathanna.Director, CSI Lombard Memorial (Mission) Hospital, Udupi

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