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Lombard Hospital Launches Homecare Services and New Ophthalmology Dept

# 010 Of 010 Lombard Homecare Services June 22, 2024

Udupi: CSI Lombard Memorial (Mission) Hospital (LMH), has launched Lombard Homecare  Services and a new Ophthalmology Department. Rt Rev. Hemachandra Kumar, Bishop of the CSI Karnataka Southern Diocese, inaugurated the new services on Friday, June 21, 2024, at 11 AM at the hospital premises in Chitpady.

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Dr Narendra Shenoy, Consultant Ophthalmologist at LMH, was the Chief Guest. Dr Arthur Rodrigues, Consultant Ophthalmologist at LMH, and Dr Ganesh Kamath, Senior Medical Officer, were the Guests of Honor. Dr Sushil Jathanna, Director of Lombard Hospital, presided. Also present on the dais were Bharathi Hemachandra Kumar, President of the CSI Women’s Fellowship, and Rev. Ivan Soans, Area Chairman of CSI, Udupi.

Bishop Rt. Rev. Hemachandra Kumar, who blessed the project, stated, “Lombard Memorial Hospital is continually reaching new horizons and updating itself to serve society. Our responsibility is our gift from God. Providing eyesight is equivalent to giving life to a person. Lombard Hospital also offers ample opportunities for its students, preparing them for their professions upon graduation.”

Chief Guest Dr Narendra Shenoy noted, “Today, many patients are unable to visit the hospital even for basic tests. At this juncture, it is crucial to have home care services. The hospital lacked a full-time ophthalmology department, and this need is now fulfilled. Lombard Hospital has made significant progress and is performing many modern surgeries.”

Dr Arthur Rodrigues, reflecting on his 28 years of service in the military and at Father Muller Hospital, expressed his commitment to serving the patient community in this new role.

Dr Ganesh Kamath highlighted the benefits of homecare services for the aged and dependent members of society.

In his presidential address, Dr Sushil Jathanna remarked, “In the past, doctors would make home visits to treat patients. Lombard Hospital even used to make child deliveries at home under the guidance of founder Dr Eva Lombard. India has 14 crore senior citizens, many of whom suffer due to the unavailability of services and other barriers to accessing hospitals. Home care is the need of the hour.”

 Lombard Homecare Services

Homecare is the ideal solution for many senior citizens and patients who are bedridden or too weak for physical exertion.


Under its homecare services, Dr Ganesh Kamath, the hospital’s Senior Medical Officer, will make home visits between 3 PM and 5 PM to provide medical consultation and appropriate treatment.

Additional services include nursing care, laboratory tests, physiotherapy, and delivery of monthly medicines.

Ophthalmology Department

Dr Arthur Rodrigues will provide OPD services on a regular basis from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM. Dr Narendra Shenoy, Consultant Ophthalmologist, will be available for consultation. The hospital aims to provide a full range of ophthalmology services, including cataract surgery, at affordable costs.

The hospital Chaplain, Rev. Rachel D’silva, rendered the invocation. Celastine Susan, Associate Professor of Lombard Memorial College of Nursing, gave the welcome address.

Hospital PRO Rohi Rathnakar delivered the vote of thanks. Human Resource Manager Leona Strelita served as the anchor.

The programme concluded with a prayer by Rev. Ivan D. Soans.

Media Release issued by:

Dr Sushil Jathanna, Director, CSI Lombard Memorial (Mission) Hospital, Udupi

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