NLP Master Trainer, Dr David John Lincoln passes away

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NLP Master Trainer, Dr David John Lincoln passes away

NLP Master Trainer, Dr David John Lincoln passes away

Team NK   ¦    May 04, 2021 11:11:21 AM (IST)

NLP Master Trainer, Dr David John Lincoln passes away-1

Dr David John Lincoln, a renowned Master Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnosis, passed away on the night of Monday, May 3, from Covid related complications. Dr David was the promoter and lead trainer for Goa NLP. He was also the president of ANLP (India) the premier organisation in India, representing NLP in India and neighouring countries. 

Dr David has, in the past, collaborated with News Karnataka to provide an Online Program leading to an NLP Associate Practioner certification by ANLP (India).  He was also a visiting faculty to many Indian colleges and universities and a much sought-after mentor for senior company executives throughout India and the world.

Born and educated in London, UK, he obtained his initial degree in psychology in 1969. He then moved on to teaching and became a physical education teacher in a secondary school in South London.  After serving as a PE specialist at the school for 3 years, David moved on and over time went on to become the deputy headmaster of a boarding school for the maladjusted in Surrey, a northern county of UK. During this this time he continued his studies in psychology and qualified as a clinical psychologist.

David's fascination for the vast array of alternative and complimentary therapies led him to continue research and indeed train himself in different modalities. He also wrote a book titled, "What they're doing to me", a glossary of over 400 mainline therapies.

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