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Haveri Police Retrieve 2,100 Stolen Mobile Phones Using CEIR System

Haveri Police Retrieve 2,100 Stolen Mobile Phones Using Ceir System

Haveri district police have successfully recovered 2,100 stolen mobile phones, marking a significant achievement in Karnataka. Utilizing the Central Equipment Identity Registry (CEIR) system, the police traced and returned these devices to their rightful owners. As of January 1, 2023, a total of 5,184 mobile phones reported lost or stolen in the district were registered on the CEIR portal.

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Effective Recovery Mechanism

The CEIR system facilitates deactivating stolen devices and alerts the police whenever an attempt is made to activate them with a new SIM card. This proactive approach enables authorities to track the new user’s details, location, and notify them about the device’s status.


Community Cooperation

Additional SP C Gopal highlighted community cooperation, with many individuals voluntarily returning phones via courier services, including one case from Jammu & Kashmir. The police commend the CEIR portal for its user-friendly interface, allowing citizens to log in and upload mobile details independently or seek assistance at local police stations.

Law Enforcement Success

SP Anshu Kumar Srivastava emphasized the police’s dedication, recently returning 245 phones that were reported lost or stolen a year ago. This initiative underscores their commitment to enhancing public safety and combating mobile phone theft.


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