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Man from Haryana Kills Woman in Manali Hotel, Tries to Escape with Body Bag


Police said on Friday that a Haryana man killed a woman at a hotel in Manali and then put her body in a bag. The man left the bag inside a taxi, and later the body of the woman was found.
On May 13, Madhya Pradeshi Sheetal and Haryanai Vinod checked into a hotel on Gompa Road. According to police, the couple reserved the room for two days.


After two days, Vinod left the room by himself and made a taxi reservation to go to the bus stop. The hotel staff noticed that Vinod was carrying a bulky bag and that Sheetal was nowhere to be found.

The staff informed the police about the suspicious bag but Vinod overheard the conversation. He abandoned the bag in the taxi and fled the scene, police said.

Sheetal’s body was discovered crammed inside the bag when the police arrived.

Later that evening, after police teams started looking for the accused, he was taken into custody.

Since the accused was booked under the victim’s name, no photos or documents of the accused were discovered by the police during the initial investigation.

He is currently being questioned by the police to find out why he killed the woman and what their relationship was.

The body has been sent for a post-mortem examination, and the woman’s relatives have been notified.

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