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Tuesday, April 16 2024
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Eggs- vegetarian or not? The answer is here at last!

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New Delhi: There is one egg related question that is arguably as old as the age-old question-“Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”- and that is – “Is the egg vegetarian or non-vegetarian?”

As trifle or daft as the question might seem to many of us, the debate on this topic has been going on for years… probably centuries.

For all those who have been at the edge of your seats, waiting for an answer to the questions, here it is; finally!

Eggs are very, very, very… vegetarian.

“Hold on!” I hear some of you say, “How’s that possible?” or “but they come from the living hens na?”

“Don’t ask me,” I say, “ask the scientists who have been studying the topic.”

According to the scientists, the egg can be divided into there parts (not literally by using a knife) – the shell, the yolk, and the egg white more uncommonly known as the albumen.

The egg whites contain purely protein, while the yolk contains mostly protein, cholesterol and fat.

Most of the eggs that we consume are not at the embryonic stage, which basically means that the eggs at that stage are not developed enough to have a living being inside them, and by extension, eating the egg isn’t the same as eating a hen.

Hens also do not need to mate before laying their eggs, which means that the eggs are unfertilised. Most of the eggs available in the markets are unfertilised, meaning that even if you leave them under a heating lamp… they won’t hatch.

That’s one question answered! Still waiting to hear about which came first… the chicken or the egg?

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