Doorstep food delivery by Noida gurdwara for Covid-hit

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Doorstep food delivery by Noida gurdwara for Covid-hit

Doorstep food delivery by Noida gurdwara for Covid-hit

IANS   ¦    Apr 20, 2021 02:38:39 PM (IST)

Doorstep food delivery by Noida gurdwara for Covid-hit-1

Noida: The surge in coronavirus cases compounded by shortage of beds and oxygen in hospitals has forced many patients to lock themselves at their houses. Shri Guru Singh Sabha gurdwara in Uttar Pradesh's Noida Sector-18 is providing two meals a day to the infected patients at their doorstep.

Giani Gurpreet Singh, Head Granthi of Shri Guru Singh Sabha, told IANS,"We had been running this service since September last year, later we stopped our services for a few months due to improvement in the Covid situation, but after April 8 we have resumed this service."

"I have started getting calls from places other than Noida. We are not able to help every person in need because we do not have enough manpower," he added.

He said, "Some people from different sectors in Noida have joined us and taken the responsibility of helping the local people."

The food from the gurdwara is delivered in a disposable packet at the doorstep of the infected person. However, once the food is placed at the gate, the food packet is not retrieved again.

Apart from the gurdwara, other people associated with this service deliver food to nearly 100 to 150 infected persons at their homes every day. Due to the shortage of people volunteering for this service, we are facing some difficulties in carrying out the service which would be overcome soon.

Gurpreet said, "We are writing the names of the people on the food packet itself, which takes a little more time, but in the future this process will be computerised so that time can be saved and food is delivered to more and more people."

Át present, food is being sent to Covid-infected persons for two square meals a day. People call the gurdwara's number to join in the service, after which they reveal their address.

After noting down the address of an individual, a person from the gurdwara writes the name of that person and provides further help. Gurpreet also receives calls from places other than Noida, but has to refuse them as the service is only applicable for Noida.

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