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Video: Bengal Officer Dodges Bullets, Foils ₹4Cr Jewel Heist by 7 Robbers


Last week in Raniganj, West Bengal, a daring ₹4 crore robbery attempt at a jewelry store was thwarted by the bravery of Sub-Inspector Meghnad Mondal. Caught on CCTV, Mondal engaged in a shootout with the seven-member gang behind an electric pole, firing back with his service revolver. The intense standoff saw about 20 rounds exchanged before the robbers fled, leaving half their loot behind. One suspect has been apprehended, while a search for the others is ongoing.


The incident unfolded on a Sunday afternoon when the armed robbers stormed the shop, terrifying both staff and customers. Mondal, coincidentally in the vicinity for personal matters but armed, noticed suspicious activity and took action. Despite being outnumbered and facing gunfire, he valiantly defended his position, ultimately forcing the criminals to retreat, albeit with a portion of the stolen goods.

In a pursuit marked by further gunfire and a car hijacking, aided by timely intervention from Jharkhand police, one suspect was captured. Another was arrested in Bihar following injuries sustained during the shootout. Bengal police are now interrogating the detainees and remain optimistic about recovering the remaining loot.

Mondal’s modest response to his newfound fame reflects his dedication to duty, despite his emptied revolver and bullet-ridden bike. His actions have earned him admiration, but his humble refrain remains: “I just did my duty.”

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