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Major Ganja Cultivation and Sale Operation Busted in Kurnool

Major Ganja Cultivation And Sale Operation Busted In Kurnool

In a significant crackdown, Bellary police apprehended two brothers from Andhra Pradesh for their involvement in cultivating and selling ganja. The operation, carried out in Adoni mandal on Tuesday, led to the seizure of 50 kilograms of dry ganja.


The accused, identified as Ravi and Chandra, belong to Santhekudluru village, situated on the border between Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Allegedly, the brothers have been cultivating ganja for the past two years, camouflaging it within their green chili fields.

Their illicit activities involved transporting the ganja across the border to Bellary town in Karnataka, where they distributed it to users and retailers. The arrests were made as part of an ongoing investigation into a ganja smuggling case.

Following a tip-off from a detained user, the Cowl Bazar police of Bellary targeted Santhekudluru village. A raid on the brothers’ residence resulted in the discovery and seizure of a substantial quantity of ganja.


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