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Congo National Arrested in Drug Smuggling Bust

Drug Smuggler

The Kerala Police, with support from the Karnataka Police, have apprehended a 29-year-old individual from Congo linked to an international drug smuggling network.


In Madiwala, Bengaluru, Rengara Paul was captured by a joint team led by Ernakulam Rural Police Chief Vaibhav Saxena and the Bengaluru Mico Layout police, as per an official statement released by the authorities.

Paul’s arrest comes subsequent to the detention of Vipin last month in Angamaly, who was found possessing 200 grams of MDMA.

Following the investigation into Vipin’s activities, the authorities were led to Paul, who had been residing in Bengaluru since 2014 under a student visa, though he diverted his attention to illicit drug trade rather than pursuing studies.

Referred to as “Captain” within the drug smuggling circle, Paul is suspected to have played a significant role as a drug supplier to Kerala.

It’s alleged that he was involved in the production of a synthetic drug referred to as “cook” and facilitated illegal drug transactions amounting to significant sums of money.

Operating covertly, Paul’s gang conducted transactions online and left the drugs at designated spots without direct human involvement for buyers to retrieve.

Paul was apprehended after extensive surveillance, and authorities believe he occupies a pivotal position in the drug distribution network supplying Kerala.

The statement issued by the Ernakulam Rural Police highlighted the registration of 750 narcotic cases within the past six months.

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