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Man Rides Bike With Woman Sitting On His Lap In Bengaluru: Video

Man Rides Bike

The Bengaluru police have taken action against a man who was found riding a bike recklessly with a woman seated on his lap along an airport road. The incident came to light after a video of the dangerous act circulated widely on social media, prompting users to tag the Bengaluru police to intervene.


The viral video depicted a man speeding on a bike with a woman precariously perched on his lap, both without helmets. The reckless behavior garnered attention online, leading the Bengaluru police to launch an investigation. Through analysis of CCTV footage, the rider was identified via his vehicle’s number plate, leading to his apprehension by the Yelahanka police.

Identified as Silambarasen, aged 21 and residing in MV layout, Shampura, the man works as a cab driver. He has been charged under various sections including section 279 IPC and u/s 184, 189, 129, 177 IMV act, with his vehicle seized accordingly. Further legal proceedings will follow under 107 CRPC. The Bengaluru police also issued a cautionary message to bikers, emphasizing responsible riding and safety for all road users.

This incident adds to a series of similar occurrences on the airport road, prompting the Bengaluru police to take stringent measures. AI-powered cameras have been installed along the road to monitor and deter such violations in real-time. Statistics indicate that a significant portion of fatal accidents in Bengaluru involve motorcyclists, highlighting the urgency of addressing such reckless behavior.

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