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“If Modi Wins Again, He will Become a Dictator”: Mukhya Mantri Chandru

Mukhya Mantri Chandru
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Bidar: Aam Aadmi Party Karnataka President Mukhya Mantri Chandru has called for Modi to take political retirement next year as he turns 75.


Chandru pointed out that many BJP leaders have retired from politics upon reaching this age, including Lal Krishna Advani, MM Joshi, and BS Yediyurappa. He urged that Modi should adhere to the same rule, suggesting that failure to do so would be another BJP lie.

Addressing a press conference here, Chandru criticized Home Minister Amit Shah for making contradictory statements, indicating that Modi would complete his tenure as PM for a third time. 

Chandru compared Modi to a demon, warning that if he wins this election, he could become a dictator, and the country may not witness future elections. Chandru accused Modi of ruling the country by exploiting agencies like the Enforcement Directorate and CBI, alleging that the BJP would stop at nothing to retain power, resorting to negative tactics.

Chandru alleged that the BJP is persecuting the opposition by utilizing the ED and CBI to imprison innocent opposition leaders. He criticized the BJP for engaging in hate politics.

Regarding the council election, Chandru announced that the AAP has decided to support independent candidate Prathap Reddy, who is seeking a mandate from the Northeast Graduates’ constituency. Despite narrowly losing the previous election, Reddy has maintained contact with the electorate, Chandru noted.

Chandru criticized Congress candidate Dr. Chandrashekhar Patil and BJP candidate Amarnath Patil, claiming they have not adequately represented the interests of graduates. In contrast, Chandru praised Reddy for his deep understanding of the constituency and the challenges faced by graduates.