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Revival of Agricultural Activity Following Recent Rains

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Chamarajanagar: The district has been blessed with substantial rainfall over the past ten days, bringing much-needed relief to the farmers and reviving agricultural activities. With the onset of the East Monsoon, regions such as Hangala, Kasaba, Terkanambi Hobli, Chamarajanagar taluk, and Kollegala of Gundlupet taluk have experienced significant rainfall, prompting farmers to begin sowing their crops.


The farming community has eagerly taken to the fields, with 20% of the sowing work already completed. Farmers are primarily engaged in planting pulses, sunflower, corn, and almonds. This uptick in agricultural activity marks a hopeful turn for the region after a prolonged dry spell.

In preparation for the rains, the Agriculture Department had proactively gathered sowing seeds, ensuring their availability at Farmer Contact Centers across the Hobli. These centers are now distributing seeds according to demand, alleviating concerns about seed and fertilizer shortages.
A unique aspect of this sowing season is the increased demand for farmers who own bulls. With many rural farmers having sold their cattle due to previous drought conditions and farming challenges, those who retained their bulls are now in high demand. Farmers prefer traditional plowing methods and are willing to pay up to ₹2,000 per day for bull-assisted ploughing.

“The demand for us is high only during the sowing season. No one calls us on normal days,” shared Prasad, a local bull owner, highlighting the seasonal nature of this agricultural practice.
Due to the scarcity of cattle, many farmers have turned to tractors for plowing and sowing. This shift indicates a blend of traditional and modern farming practices in response to the changing agricultural landscape.
The recent rains have not only spurred agricultural activities but have also instilled a renewed sense of hope among the farming community. As the fields of Chamarajanagar begin to flourish once again, the district looks forward to a promising agricultural season ahead.

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