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Murder Case Accused Exploited Fans, Promised Meetings with Actor Darshan

Darshan And Fan

Chitradurga: In a shocking development, Raghavendra, the fourth accused in the Renukaswamy murder case, has been accused of exploiting local youths’ admiration for popular actor Darshan Thoogudeepa. Raghavendra, who was also the president of Darshan’s Thoogudeep Sena district unit, is reported to have collected money from unsuspecting youths by promising them a meeting with the actor.

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According to local sources, Raghavendra lured young men by showing them photos he had taken with Darshan. He charged them money, claiming he would arrange for their meeting with the actor. On June 8, under the guise of meeting Darshan, Raghavendra took Renukaswamy, Jagadish, and Anukumar to Bangalore. Tragically, Renukaswamy, an ardent fan of Darshan, lost his life due to his infatuation with the actor, leaving the local community in shock and sorrow.

Raghavendra allegedly asked the youths to cover expenses such as rental cars, food, snacks, and alcohol for their trips to Bangalore. If they didn’t get to meet Darshan, he would bring them back with promises of another attempt. “Many youths have lost money to him,” complained the youths of Shihniru Honda barangay of the city.

Misuse of Fan Club


Raghavendra used his position in Darshan’s Thoogudeep Sena to organize various events like birthday celebrations, Ganesha festivals, and local fairs. Locals allege that he collected money from community representatives, auto drivers, and youths under the pretense of these events.

The case has had a devastating impact on the families involved. Anukumar, an auto driver and one of the accused, was the primary breadwinner for his family. His involvement in the murder case has left his family in distress. His father, Chandranna, passed away due to the stress caused by the situation. “Anukumar was passionate about Darshan and had his pictures all over his auto. This passion led him astray, and now his family is suffering,” said a friend of Anukumar.

Social Media Obsession

Renukaswamy’s friends revealed his obsession with Darshan on social media. He frequently mentioned that no one should come between Vijayalakshmi and Darshan. “We did not take it seriously at the time. But we did not know about the obscene messages sent to Pavitra Gowda,” said a friend who wished to remain¬†anonymous.

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