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Farmers in Dharwad to Receive Compensation for Crop Loss

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According to deputy commissioner Divya Prabhu, up to 1.1 lakh farmers in the Dharwad area have benefited from input subsidies totaling Rs 108.1 crore spread across ten installments. She stated that the district administration has been instructed by the government to provide crop loss compensation to farmers who have lost their harvest due to drought in the 2023 kharif season.


The government has declared that while determining the compensation amount, consideration shall be given to the rules of the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) or the State Disaster Response Force (SDRF). A limit of Rs 2,000 per acre is the standard.

According to Divya, farmers who have a FRUITS ID are gradually receiving their payout using the payout app. Direct bank account transfers of the sum have been made to the farmers. She stated that actions are being done to promptly distribute compensation to other qualified farmers. Notice boards in the offices of the tahsildar, gram panchayat, raita samparka kendra, and Naada Kacheri list the farmers whose requests for compensation have been authorized.

The DC urged farmers who have not yet obtained a FRUIT ID to do so with the assistance of PDOs or staff at Raita Samparka Kendras, as possessing one is required in order for farmers to benefit from the program.

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