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Kalaburagi Cracks Down on Illegal Sand Mining with New Measures

Kalaburagi Cracks Down On Illegal Sand Mining With New Measures

Kalaburagi: In a stringent move against illegal sand mining, the Kalaburagi administration has decided to impose hypothecation marks on official records against agricultural land used for storing illegally mined sand. During a recent task force meeting with officials from the mining and geological departments, Kalaburagi Deputy Commissioner (DC) Fouzia Tarannum announced that once hypothecation is marked on land records, such land cannot be used for loans or sold, and ownership will become nontransferable.


Sources indicate that illegally mined sand is typically stored on agricultural land before the monsoon, as extraction from the Bhima River becomes impossible once the rains start. This stockpiled sand is then sold at prices higher than the market rate. Several tracts of agricultural land in Afzalpur, Jevargi, and Chittapur talukas are used for this purpose.

DC Tarannum revealed that 45 FIRs have been filed against farmers in these three talukas over the past year for stockpiling illegally mined sand. Despite these actions and repeated warnings, the practice has continued. The new hypothecation rule aims to end this menace. Additionally, the administration plans to identify a specific sand block on the Bhima River basin and issue a tender to make sand legally available to the public.


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