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Miyazaki Mango: A Luxurious Delicacy from Dharwad

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In Dharwad, amidst the array of mango varieties, one stands out for its extraordinary price tag. The Miyazaki mango, priced at a staggering 2 lakh 70 thousand rupees per kilogram, has caught the attention of fruit enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike. Grown in the garden of Pramoda Gaonkara in Kelageri village, this mango variety has become the highlight of the annual Mango Mela organized by the Dharwad Horticulture Department.


The Priciest Mango in the World

Renowned as the most expensive mango globally, the Miyazaki mango boasts a unique red color, unlike the traditional green hues. As it ripens, the fruit transforms into a dark red, adding to its allure and exclusivity. Pramoda Gaonkara acquired the mango saplings from Maharashtra in 2012, planting them in his garden. It took three years for the mango plant to yield fruit, with each fruit weighing around 300-350 grams. With just four fruits making up a kilogram, the individual fruit price can soar to at least 50 thousand rupees.

A Testament to Dharwad’s Climate

The semi-mountainous region of Dharwad provides an ideal climate for cultivating the Miyazaki mango, contributing to its exceptional quality and rarity. Despite its high price tag, the fruit has garnered significant attention, with customers willing to pay a premium for its exquisite taste and uniqueness. Pramoda Gaonkara’s garden has consistently produced a limited number of fruits each year, adding to the exclusivity of the Miyazaki mango.

Dharwad: The Emerging Mango Hub

With the Miyazaki mango gaining recognition as a luxury fruit, Dharwad is establishing itself as a prominent hub for mango cultivation. Each box of Miyazaki mangoes sold in Dharwad comes with a brand label and QR code, providing information about the fruit’s origin and the grower’s contact details. This initiative adds transparency and authenticity to the mango trade, further enhancing Dharwad’s reputation as a premier destination for mango enthusiasts worldwide.

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