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Authorities Raid Multiple Locations in Hassan

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The raids occur one day after a Hassan local court ordered two Preetham Gowda associates into judicial detention.


Days after the two BJP MLA Preetam Gowda’s associates were arrested in connection with the leak of Hassan MP Prajwal Revanna’s sex tapes, the special investigation team (SIT) conducted raids at seven locations belonging to the MLA’s aides on Tuesday in the Hassan district, according to officials familiar with the matter.

JD-S leader HD Kumaraswamy said that his nephew Prajwal Revanna, a party MP from Hassan, was the “big whale” responsible for the release of graphic recordings purporting to show women being sexually assaulted.

A senior officer reported that a group of almost thirty officers raided seven locations at once, including Gowda colleagues’ homes, a bar, a hotel, and an office.

Although a senior officer verified that no arrests were made on Tuesday, the SIT has not yet released an official statement on the subject.

“There is not much support for the BJP in Old Mysore,” stated Ravi. Thus, there is a plot to maintain the Janata Dal’s (Secular) support while attempting to destroy them and lure its employees to the BJP, he stated.

Preetham Gowda has insisted that as an investigation is being conducted, he will not comment on the situation. 

He claimed that a Mandya MLA had claimed that “big whales” were responsible for the video’s release. When asked to identify the “great whale,” Kumaraswamy responded, “Who else is it? A Mandya MLA mentioned a “big whale” today. The “little whales” follow the “big whale”‘s lead on all matters.

After hearing the attorneys’ arguments, he declared that it seemed obvious that MLA HD Revanna, Kumaraswamy’s brother, had been arrested due to “politics of hate”.

He questioned how someone in the administration would be able to catch the “big whale.” Deputy Chief Minister DK Shivakumar responded to Kumaraswamy’s comments by saying, “Let him (Kumaraswamy) arrest and swallow the ‘big whale.'” Neither a producer nor a director, I am. All I am is a theater exhibitor, nothing more.

Shivakumar responded, “Not at all,” to Kumaraswamy’s accusations that Revanna was detained in order to discredit Deve Gowda. You see, Revanna, I also feel bad for him. Like you, I believe that such things shouldn’t occur. What a large family it is. I don’t need it and I don’t want anyone harm, so let them think whatever they want.

The head of the state congress replied that he too had endured great suffering and that he believed in the law of nature. “I experienced political conspiracies as well. I am aware of my strength and self-assurance. God shielded me because of this, he said.

Following a petition from the Karnataka State Commission for Women to Chief Minister Siddaramaiah requesting an investigation into the explicit recordings of alleged sexual assault by Prajwal Revanna that had been making the rounds on social media, the government established the Special Investigation Team (SIT) on April 28 to look into the matter. The Interpol has issued a blue corner alert for Prajwal.

The JD(S) patriarch and former prime minister HD Deve Gowda’s oldest son, HD Revanna, also goes by the name Prajwal. He was detained on April 29 along with his confidant Sathish Babanna for reportedly kidnapping a woman.

The son of the victim made a complaint alleging that Prajwal Revanna had sexually molested his mother. This led to the registration of the case. Tuesday, he was freed on bond.

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