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Concerns Rise as Mandya Records 190 Road Accident Deaths in Four Months


Mandya district in Karnataka has witnessed a concerning surge in road accident fatalities, with 190 deaths reported between January and April. This alarming statistic has prompted authorities to take urgent measures to address the safety of road users.


Identifying Black Spots

Law enforcement officials have identified 34 black spots across the district, with Mandya taluk registering the highest number at eight. Srirangapatna, Maddur, and Pandavapura taluks each have seven black spots. These locations are recognized for their frequent occurrence of accidents over the past years, particularly involving two-wheelers.

Accident Statistics

The majority of accidents involved two-wheelers, outnumbering those involving four-wheelers and other vehicles. Over the four-month period, a total of 944 vehicles were involved in 703 accidents. District roads accounted for 76 deaths, while national highways and state highways passing through the district claimed 70 and 44 lives, respectively. Mandya district is traversed by three national highways: 275, 948, and 150-A.

Efforts to Address the Issue

Superintendent of Police N Yathish confirmed the death toll and highlighted a slight increase compared to the previous year. However, he noted a decrease in accidents on the national highway between Mysuru and Bengaluru (NH 275). Measures will be implemented to regulate and reduce fatal cases, particularly those involving two-wheel riders.

Enforcement and Awareness

Mandya district has two dedicated traffic police stations, emphasizing the importance of enforcement and awareness campaigns. Shankaregowda, a former traffic police officer, stressed the need for strict enforcement against drunken driving and speeding. Regular police inspections, especially on highways, are essential to curb fatal accidents.

Promoting Awareness

In addition to enforcement measures, raising awareness among road users is crucial in preventing accidents. Educating the public about road safety practices, particularly among two-wheeler riders, can significantly contribute to reducing fatalities and promoting responsible behavior on the roads.

As authorities work towards improving road safety in Mandya district, collaborative efforts between law enforcement agencies, local communities, and government bodies will be essential to effectively address the issue and prevent further loss of life on the roads.

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