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Mangalore University to Revise Undergraduate Syllabus

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Mangalore University is gearing up for a significant overhaul of its undergraduate curriculum in response to the state government’s decision to revert to the previous three-year undergraduate program, discarding the National Education Policy-2020. The move grants autonomy to each state university, empowering them with full control over their syllabi.


Embracing Autonomy for Curriculum Development

Speaking on the university’s plans, PL Dharma, the vice-chancellor of Mangalore University, highlighted the newfound autonomy granted by the state government, which allows the institution to tailor its syllabi according to its unique academic vision. He emphasized that while the transition back to a three-year undergraduate program presents time constraints, the university is committed to promptly updating its curriculum to align with the revised structure.

Navigating the Transition

Acknowledging the time sensitivity of the situation, Dharma outlined the steps Mangalore University intends to take. This includes convening meetings of all boards of studies (BoS) to initiate necessary revisions promptly. While acknowledging challenges in completely revamping the syllabi within the limited timeframe, Dharma assured that every effort would be made to incorporate relevant updates.

Call for Comprehensive Reform

Faculty members echoed the need for a comprehensive overhaul, citing certain outdated syllabi in need of significant revision. They emphasized the importance of integrating elements from the National Education Policy-2020 where applicable, to ensure relevance and quality in undergraduate education.

Looking Ahead

With the state government’s decision providing a clear mandate for academic autonomy, Mangalore University stands poised to embark on a journey of syllabus redevelopment, guided by the principles of adaptability and quality education.