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Mangaluru: Tragic Incident at Ullal Beach Claims Life of Tourist Woman

Ullal Beach

Mangaluru: A trip to Ullal Beach ended in tragedy when Parimee Ratna Kumari (57) from Sirilingapally, Andhra Pradesh, was swept away by a huge wave and lost her life. The incident occurred while she was visiting the beach with three other women.


The group of four women, all from Sirilingapally, had come to the beach for a leisurely trip. While enjoying the waves, a large wave pulled three of the women into the sea. Local residents sprang into action, managing to rescue three of the women. Unfortunately, Ratna Kumari could not be saved despite being quickly brought to the shore.

Ratna Kumari was found unconscious when she was brought ashore by the locals, who then rushed her to the hospital. Despite their efforts, she was declared dead upon arrival.

The group of women, which included five members from Hyderabad, had a well-planned itinerary. They landed in Mysore by plane and traveled by car to Subrahmanya in Kodagu on June 7th. From there, they visited Dharmasthala on June 9th before heading to Ullal.

This tragic incident has left the other members of the group and their families in deep sorrow.

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