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AI-Powered Cameras Crack Down on Violations on Bengaluru—Mysuru Expressway

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In a bid to enhance safety and enforce traffic regulations on the Bengaluru—Mysuru Expressway, Karnataka police have deployed AI-powered cameras, resulting in a surge of approximately 12,000 cases booked for various violations within just two weeks of installation. Commuters are cautioned to adhere strictly to traffic rules while traversing this pivotal expressway, the first of its kind in south India.


Automated Enforcement and Mobile Challans

The deployment of AI cameras enables seamless detection of traffic violations, with challans directly dispatched to the mobile phones of vehicle owners. Karnataka police emphasized the imperative for commuters to comply with traffic regulations, underscoring the potential consequences for families in the event of accidents caused by rule violations.

Police Vigilance and Public Awareness

Karnataka’s additional director general of police (traffic and road safety), Alok Kumar, highlighted the vigilance of the police cameras in capturing violations, showcasing an instance where a KSRTC driver was caught using a mobile phone while driving. The public is urged to refrain from such violations, emphasizing the importance of adhering to traffic laws to ensure road safety.

Camera Installation and Functionality

Earlier this month, a network of 60 cameras was strategically installed along the Bengaluru—Mysuru Expressway to detect instances of overspeeding and prevent accidents. Of these, 48 cameras utilize Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology, stationed in six locations across each direction. Additionally, the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) deployed video cameras in three other critical spots along the expressway.

NHAI Intervention and Safety Measures

Following a series of accidents since its inauguration, the NHAI conducted a comprehensive review of safety measures on the Bengaluru—Mysuru Expressway, leading to the deployment of additional surveillance infrastructure. The concerted efforts aim to mitigate risks and enhance safety standards on this vital transportation artery.

Towards Safer Expressway Travel

The swift implementation of AI-powered surveillance reflects the commitment of authorities to ensure safe travel on the Bengaluru—Mysuru Expressway. With automated enforcement and heightened vigilance, coupled with public awareness campaigns, the initiative seeks to foster a culture of responsible driving and reduce accidents on this crucial thoroughfare.

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