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Explore Mysuru: Photography and Short Video Competitions

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The District Tourism Development Committee of Mysuru is calling for entries from the public for Photography and Short Video Competitions themed around ‘Unexplored Places of Mysuru.’ This initiative aims to showcase the hidden gems and lesser-known attractions of the region through the lens of photography and videography.

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Competition Details

  • Theme: The competition encompasses various aspects of Mysuru’s charm, including riverfront views, natural landscapes, festivals, waterfalls, adventure tourism, museums, folk art, traditional sports, heritage buildings, monuments, religious sites, and more.
  • Prizes: The top three entries will be awarded cash prizes of Rs. 25,000, Rs. 15,000, and Rs. 10,000, respectively.
  • Submission Deadline: Entries must be submitted by June 20 to be considered for the competition.

How to Participate


Interested individuals can submit their entries online through the official website at or contact the organizers via phone for further details:

  • Mobile: 74115-64510 or 90086-93409

This competition provides a platform for both amateur and professional photographers and videographers to showcase the beauty and diversity of Mysuru’s unexplored locales. Don’t miss the opportunity to capture and share the essence of this enchanting city!

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