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Mysuru’s Civic Neglect Despite Glaring Issues: A Call to Action

Mysuru's Civic Neglect A Call To Action

Is the administrative machinery taking people for a ride, blatantly ignoring the pride of Mysuru, known for its sobriquets like ‘Cultural Capital’ and ‘Clean City’?


Despite glaring issues that mar the pride of the city, officials have turned a blind eye towards the unkempt roads, incomplete works, and the menace of flex boards. These problems raise a crucial question: In which direction is the Mysuru, with its princely heritage, heading? It is not just the officials, but even the public who must take some blame for remaining silent in the face of civic apathy.

To cite several instances, the underground pipeline works on Ramanuja Road, a huge crater in front of Gopala Gowda Shanthaveri Memorial Hospital in Nazarbad, footpath encroachments in various parts of the city, and the deluge on footpaths due to recent rains have severely inconvenienced the public. However, the authorities concerned are yet to wake up from their slumber.

The junction near JSS Hospital at the intersection of Ramanuja Road and MG Road has turned into a crater. This road was dug for underground pipeline works, but the contractor, who worked at a snail’s pace, allegedly failed to restore the road afterward. With the junction being busy round the clock, particularly with ambulances zipping day and night, it has turned into a bane for road users. Similarly, the crater near the main gate of Gopala Gowda Shanthaveri Memorial Hospital poses significant risks, especially when filled with rainwater, becoming a hazard for patients, health staff, and other road users.

A visit to Mysuru-Nanjangud Road on NH-766 provides a glimpse of shoddy road works, with only part of the road asphalted, leaving another stretch unattended. Unsuspecting riders risk skidding over the pebbles, raising concerns about who to blame in case of fatal mishaps.

Rampant footpath encroachments on Mahadeshwara Road (Mysuru-T. Narasipur Road), Sangolli Rayanna Circle on Lalitha Mahal Road, and the road connecting to District Armed Reserve (DAR) Police Quarters in Jyothinagar through Air Force Selection Board Road, present another grave issue. Vendors set up make-shift stalls in modified autos, occupying the road stretch and causing haphazard parking, which severely inconveniences road users. Fortunately, no major accidents have been reported here yet, but if left unchecked, it could soon become an ‘Accident Zone’.

In recent years, it has become fashionable among the public to install flex boards, most without permission from the Mysuru City Corporation (MCC), on every occasion in various parts of the city. Whether for birthdays, political greetings, or homages, these boards clutter highways, prominent roads, junctions, and circles. Despite being a commonly debated issue in MCC Council meetings, Abhaya, the emergency rescue wing of MCC, only takes action in moments of crisis.

With this being the pathetic state of Mysuru, will the MCC and other Urban Local Bodies (ULB) wake up before the situation goes out of hand? Hopefully, sense prevails among the city’s top echelons.


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