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Tourist Surge Boosts Mysuru’s Economy as Summer Vacation Ends

Tourist Surge Boosts Mysuru's Economy As Summer Vacation Ends

MYSURU: The popular tourist hub of Mysuru is witnessing a significant surge in visitors this May, as the summer vacation draws to a close. Hotels and tourist attractions across the district are bustling with activity, contributing to the local economy’s growth. This influx follows a quiet April, impacted by election fever and a heatwave.


According to the Mysuru Palace Board, the palace welcomed 2,91,789 tourists in April 2024, down from 3,71,566 in April 2023. The drop was attributed to the Lok Sabha elections. However, May saw a remarkable increase in visitors. From May 1 to 26, the palace recorded an impressive 4,49,150 tourists, with a peak of 29,557 on May 26 and 20,160 on May 27.

C Narayana Gowda, president of the Hotel Owners’ Association, noted that while April was off-season due to the elections, May has brought a notable rise in tourist numbers. This trend extends beyond Mysuru to other popular destinations like Shivamogga, Chikkamagaluru, and Kodagu, with many tourists coming from Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Tamil Nadu.

Tourists like Sushilendra A from Bengaluru appreciate the moderate temperatures, making it an ideal time to visit Mysuru. “The city and surrounding destinations are now welcoming tourists with moderate weather,” he said. “As the new academic year begins from May 29, we decided to visit Mysuru for a quick family trip.”

The tourist influx has led to price increases for services like the famous tonga rides, with rates now ranging from Rs 1,400 to Rs 1,600. Razak, a tonga owner, explained, “The cost of looking after horses and maintaining the tonga has increased drastically. Only in May and during Dasara do we see good income.”


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