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District Collector Urges Preparedness for Natural Calamities

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District Collector Dr. K Vidyakumari chaired a crucial meeting at the District Collector’s Office with the District Disaster Management Authority, instructing officials to take proactive measures to mitigate loss of life and property damage during natural disasters, including rain, lightning, and other emergencies.


With the pre-monsoon and monsoon seasons approaching, Dr. Vidyakumari stressed the importance of officials being equipped with protective gear to handle floods and emergencies. Identifying vulnerable areas and implementing preemptive measures were underscored as crucial steps.

Emphasizing the significance of public awareness, Dr. Vidyakumari urged dissemination of information on precautionary measures to prevent loss of life during adverse weather conditions. The potential threat of waterborne diseases due to stagnant water during the rainy season was highlighted, prompting health department officials to ensure adequate stocks of medicines and public education on health precautions.

Forest department officials were tasked with swiftly clearing fallen trees from roads and coordinating with other departments during emergencies. Pre-monsoon fishing activities, especially with mechanized boats and deep-sea fishing, were to be suspended, with Fisheries Department officials tasked with disseminating weather alerts to fishermen.

Village-based emergency monitoring units were mandated, alongside the compilation of lists of swimmers and volunteers. Identification and maintenance of care centers, preparation for landslides, and swift resolution of drinking water issues were also prioritized.

Regular taluk-level task force committee meetings were instructed, with necessary funds allocated for disaster preparedness. MESCOM was directed to expedite power restoration efforts, while rainwater harvesting initiatives were to be implemented to address groundwater scarcity.

Key officials including Zilla Panchayat Chief Executive Prateek Boyal, Additional District Collector Mamata Devi G S, and others were present, underlining the collective commitment to safeguarding the community against natural calamities.

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