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Heavy Rainfall Causes Flooding at Byndoor School, Urgent Action Needed

Safetheavy Rainfall Causes Flooding At Byndoor School, Urgent Action Neededy Concerns Rise At Santhekatte Underpass Construction Area

Byndoor, Jun 8: Heavy overnight rainfall inundated S H P School Rahutanakatte in Yadtare village, Byndoor, seeping into the 7th-grade classroom and the headmaster’s office.


The school, which comprises three buildings including classrooms, the headmaster’s office, an Akshara Dasoha room, and housing for government and guest teachers, serves 32 students from 1st to 7th standard. Three students in the affected 7th-grade class have been temporarily relocated to an adjacent room for safety.

Concerns persist that if the rainfall continues, other classrooms could face similar issues, prompting the need for immediate action from authorities. The flooding issue is compounded by the ongoing construction of a four-way road on National Highway 66, resulting in water accumulation in the low-lying area of Rahutanakatte due to inadequate drainage.

Residents propose constructing a drain to divert water towards the nearby Sumanavati river, approximately 200 meters away. This measure aims to prevent further flooding not only in the school but also in surrounding residences, highlighting the urgency for prompt intervention by authorities.


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