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Safety Concerns Rise at Santhekatte Underpass Construction Area

Safety Concerns Rise At Santhekatte Underpass Construction Area

The Santhekatte underpass construction area has become a dangerous spot due to a lack of safety measures. The absence of safety measures, such as barricades, blinkers, and traffic signs on the service roads, has increased the number of accidents in the region, turning it into an accident-prone area.


Heavy rain has further compromised the stability of the service road, causing it to become sludgy and at risk of collapsing. The inadequate drainage facility has resulted in rainwater flowing through the underpass, creating hazardous conditions for vehicles.

Residents in the area have expressed concern that delays in construction are heightening the risks for commuters. With the onset of the rainy season, the land has become more unstable, increasing the likelihood of accidents.

Some residents have also raised the issue of a lack of bus stops. As schools and colleges have started, students are forced to wait for buses on the service road, risking their lives. They stated, “Even after holding a strike, the work is still delayed. Officials have promised to complete the work in 15 days; we will wait for it.”

Installing safety measures in the region is crucial as it connects various places. The construction area may not be visible to drivers at night, causing them to lose control while navigating through the under-construction zone, thereby risking their lives.


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