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Udupi Launches Miyawaki Forest Project to Combat Urban Heat

Udupi Launches Miyawaki Forest Project To Combat Urban Heat And Water Scarcity

Udupi has embarked on a pioneering environmental endeavor with the initiation of the “Miyawaki forest” project, aimed at establishing compact green zones for conservation purposes. Spearheaded by Avinash Kamath, Gururaj Sanil, Raviraj HP, and environmentalist Jeeth Milan Roche from Mangaluru, the project was inaugurated at Kamalabai High School in Udupi on June 10, 2024.


Taking root on a 1.50 cents land at Kadiyali High School, Kadiyali, the project kickstarted with the planting of 62 species of plants, to be nurtured over the next two years. Avinash Kamath stressed the significance of such initiatives in urban areas, particularly in light of recent heatwaves, underlining individual responsibility in combating global warming.

Gururaj Sanil, elaborating on the project’s rationale, emphasized its dual purpose of mitigating urban heat and addressing water scarcity. He invited interested parties to replicate the project in their respective locales, highlighting its potential as a sustainable solution.

Environmental advocate Jeeth Milan Roche shed light on the selection process of plant species, including endangered varieties, and the adherence to the Miyawaki forest methodology known for its accelerated growth. He underscored the meticulous planning involved, from soil testing to strategic planting based on plant height.

The planting ceremony saw active participation from students and dignitaries, including businessman Ganesh, Dr. Vijayendra Vasanth, president of SDMC at Kadiyali High School Sudharshan Nayak, and the school’s headmaster.

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