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How to Create A Planned Inventory For Organised Relocation?

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Home relocation is a formidable and fatiguing activity. You have to be proactive in the way you deal with it. Lay out an extensive plan way ahead of the day of the move. The earlier you chalk out the blueprint, the easier will be the relocation process. But thinking of the plan in your mind will not work, you need to put it on paper to be able to visualise it. Devising a plan, step by step on paper is how you create an inventory. In this article, we will discuss how to create a planned inventory for an organised home relocation.

So, here is how to create a planned inventory for an organised home relocation:

Notify your landlord

As you decide to relocate your home from one place to another, the first thing that you should do is to inform your landlord about the same. You need to notify him at least 30 days before the day of your move and ask him to refund the security deposit or to adjust the last month’s rent with the same (if the security deposit amount is equal to the house rent).

Calculate the pre and post-moving costs

You should calculate your savings and estimate a sum of money that will be viable for you to pay for the costs before and after the home relocation. The factors that affect the moving costs are the size and weight of the move and the distance of the move. So, guesstimate the size of your move by chalking out a sketchy size of your belongings that you would like to carry to the new house. The distance is a fixed factor here; you can calculate the tentative moving cost this way.

Also, think of the necessary stuff that you have to get as you move into the new house. Calculate the cost of the commodities and add it up to the moving cost. This total amount will determine the pre and post-moving cost that you have to expend from your savings.

Decide the mode of shifting

Depending upon the estimated cost calculation method, you should be able to decide whether you want to conduct a DIY move or hire packers and movers. Consider using a packers and movers cost calculator to get the tentative cost of your move. Also, calculate the risks associated with a DIY move.

Calculate the cost of hiring packers and movers and see which of the two options is feasible for you. In this article, I have further mentioned the steps involved in case you choose to hire packers and movers for your home relocation.

Conduct pre-move survey

You can find several packers and movers in your area but you have to choose the one that is best-suited according to your need. Call the moving company office and ask them to send a representative from their end to conduct a pre-move survey. The company representative will check your belongings and make a list of all the noteworthy pieces that will fluctuate the moving cost. They will hand you a final cost quotation.

Fix the moving company

If you connect to several moving companies, you will get the same number of cost quotations to choose from. Choose the moving company that offers you the lowest quotation.

Check their credentials

While deciding on your moving company, verify their credentials. Visit their office and ask them to produce their company trade license, GST certificate, company PAN card, and IBA-authorisation certificate. If the moving company can produce their credentials, it is an authentic one.

Make a list of the belongings

You had already made a sketchy list while calculating your moving budget. This time, you have to make a detailed list of all the belongings that you want to move from one place to another. You can make separate lists for separate rooms. Don’t miss out on the things that you have in your household.

De-clutter your stuff

You can expect a budget move if you de-clutter your household belongings. This will certainly reduce your packers and movers charges.

By going through the detailed inventory list, you will be able to separate the essentials from the inessentials. Make sure to carry only the essential items and discard the inessential ones. You can sell, donate, or discard unnecessary things. Make your consignment lighter to reduce the moving cost.

Communicate with your moving company

Have a word with your moving company to state your preferences. Let them know if you have any special requirements like pet relocation or house-plant relocation. Specify the add-on services like warehousing.

Get moving insurance

If you are considering an intercity move, you should opt to avail of moving insurance. By doing so, you will assure the safety of your goods on the go. If anything goes wrong during the move, the moving company will settle the damages through monetary compensation.

Take photographs of the belongings

It is a wise move to take photographs of your belongings before the occurrence of the move. If you find your goods in a damaged condition after the move, you will be able to send the photographs of the same goods before the move. It will be proof of the damage being caused on the go. The moving company will be bound to make the financial settlements without any hesitation.

Keep the valuables away

Keep valuable items like jewellery, expensive items, and confidential documents in a discrete bag and keep it under your custody. Don’t disclose this bag with the packers and movers; carry it in your vehicle to your new home.

Make an overnight kit

Pack all your essentials in a bag or box that will be needed by you to sustain through the first day after your move. It should contain your dental kit, a fresh set of clothes, undergarments, bedspread, towel, and quintessential toiletries. Don’t carry it in the moving van; take it with you as you move to your new home.

Contact your current utility service provider

Electricity connection, water connection, LPG connection, DTH connection, and Wi-Fi connection are some of the utility services. Contact your current utility service provider and ask them to terminate the services from the day of your move.

Measure your bulky furniture and appliances

Measure the bulky pieces of furniture and appliances in your household that may cause disruption as the moving crew tries to move them out of the doorway. In such cases, you have to get the furniture dissembled.

Contact your new utility service providers

If you are relocating to a different city, you should contact the new utility service providers and ask them to connect you with the necessary utility services. Mention the date of your arrival and ask them to provide the services on the same day. Otherwise, you may have to spend the first day in your new house without electricity and water.

Supervise the move

On the day of the move, make sure that you are physically present in your current house. Instruct and supervise the moving team to execute the home relocation according to your preferences.

Check the interiors before leaving

After the boxes get loaded on the moving vehicle, you should go inside the house and check if anything is left out. Also, check that the switches are all turned off and the taps are not running. Take a photograph of the meter-reading of the electricity and water meter.

Check the interiors after arriving

After you arrive at your new place, go inside and check if there is an electricity and water connection or not. If not, call the utility service providers to remind them to do the needful. Clear the path to allow the packers and movers to unload the goods into your house.

Clean your new house and settle

When the packers and movers leave your place, you should clean your new house and get refreshed. Unpack your overnight box and make a bed. Take a shower and change into fresh outfits. Jump into your bed and relax!

Summing Up

Home relocation is a fanned-out process that can make you fidgety if not done in the right way. But if you are a finicky person who likes to execute things with fervour, you have to focus on planning. I hope that this article about how to create a planned inventory for an organised home relocation will help you in every phase of your move. I wish you an organised and one-of-a-kind move!

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