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Friday, April 19 2024
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With misuse of loopholes, it’s Aaya Ram Gaya Ram in politics

anti-defection law
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Just taking a moment to imagine ‘What if no laws, no rules and No constitution existed’? What route the civilisation may have taken ? As it said, “Rules are meant to be broken’, seems like the framers of the law, rules and regulations are on tip toe in finding the loopholes and escaping through them. The Anti- Defection law has been one such laws where the rulers proved to go to any extent to save power and gain profit simultaneously.

It indeed is sad and unfortunate that the law which was evolved over the sole motive of avoiding defection also known as horse trading or carpet crossing is making different ways for escapism.

The origin of the law:

The history of Anti-Defection law goes back to the time of Rajiv Gandhi. In 1985 through 52nd Constitutional Amendment Act, the law was enacted. The famous ‘Aaya Ram Gaya Ram’ was the sole reason. The term originated in 1967 with Gaya Lal changing three parties in a fortnight. This can be called an ignition for the law. But from 1985 – 2022 the legislators have left no chance in finding the way out and defend. Recent addition to the list is Maharashtra politics.

‘Merger’ is one such provision in anti-defection law which do not call for a defection but what is in question is the number in which a merging of parties be done post-poll. And so has been the turning of coins at Maharashtra too.

But the cause for concern now is, the faith and expectation of electors and forgotten responsibility of the representatives. Most of the time in India an individual is chosen as the representative looking after the party she/he belongs to. But post election, the electors enter in administration only to find better opportunities and exposure in other party and jump to it.

Indeed Constitution is framed by human being and it is impossible to expect it to be infallible. But ‘If the principal in the college is a thief, what do we expect him to teach his students remains an unfortunate question.’

Image by Sora Shimazaki

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Sumayya Parveen A.

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