‘Geethe Kavithe Gayana' to commemorate the love poet

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‘Geethe Kavithe Gayana' to commemorate the love poet

‘Geethe Kavithe Gayana' to commemorate the love poet

L K   ¦    Mar 28, 2021 09:18:35 PM (IST)

‘Geethe Kavithe Gayana\' to commemorate the love poet-1

Mysuru: Dr Mekhala Venkatesh, the granddaughter of KS Narasimhaswamy, who is known as a love poet, expressed her delight over the fact that today's generation is liking her grandfather's poems.

She was speaking after inaugurating the 'Geethe Kavithe Gayana' to commemorate the love poet, KSNa, organised by team Arohana in Nadabrahma auditorium here.

She was enthralled by the performance of Deepavi Ninnade, Gaaliyu Ninnade and felt happy for considering Mysuru Mallige songs as new gen poems which is indeed the first ever collection of KSNa. This collection of poems has been reprinted more than 25 times.

Veteran poet HS Venkateshamoorthy said that many of the poems written by KSNa were popular because of the singer. Ascending artists also entertained the audience by singing the poem.

DT Prakash, president of the Mysuru City and District Brahminical Association, said that there will be happiness and sorrow in family life. “Living life happily is important. It is important to keep the odds alive. It was the poet's main wish that the attraction between males and females should turn to spirituality because of the harmony of marriage,” he said.

“Mysuru Mallige, his first collection of poetry, is home to village life. As well as the smell of the soil. Dreaming is part of marriage. In reality, as Bendre quoted "Love is Our Life", KSNa lived like,” he said.

KSNa criticizes life through his collection of poetry which is formed in an emotional state. It is for this reason that veteran poets agree that his literature is of historical significance.