Lake cleaning program at Hadinaru village

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Lake cleaning program at Hadinaru village

Lake cleaning program at Hadinaru village

L K   ¦    Mar 27, 2021 08:03:52 PM (IST)

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Mysuru: A lake cleanup program for Hadinaru village lake was conducted in association with the village panchayath and the villagers of Hadinaru on Saturday, March 27. The program was conducted due to the accumulation of wastes, including plastic in the lake which is harmful to the aquatic life and the villagers. During the lake cleanup programe, waste from the water was removed with the help of a raft.

Nanjangud Taluk Tahsildar Mohan Kumari said that this is the best and most beautiful lake in the taluk and the villagers should focus on keeping the lake and the environment around clean. This lake attracts a wide variety of birds and small animals that surrounds the lake. Mahadevappa, who was a minister during Siddaramaiah's earlier tenure as chief minister, has been involved in many development projects for the lake with a grant of about Rs.3.5 cr. Since then, the lake has been contaminated again due to lack of maintenance.

There are many lakes throughout the Mysuru district, all of which have their own history and are the lifeline of the surrounding villages. The city and the surrounding lakes are not only for agricultural purposes but also for tourist attractions. The Taluk administration promised that they will work towards making the lake a tourist destination in the coming days.

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