MLC Vishwanath condemns attitude of pontiffs

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MLC Vishwanath condemns attitude of pontiffs

MLC Vishwanath condemns attitude of pontiffs

Team NK   ¦    Jul 21, 2021 04:44:06 PM (IST)

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Mysuru: BJP MLC H Vishwanath severely condemned the attitude of pontiffs, who are supporting chief minister B S Yediyurappa.

Speaking to media persons here on Wednesday he said that seers maths should be part of society and should not part of politics and power.

He said that governments coming and going, pontiffs should not stand by side of one party and person. He said he has respect for Yediyurappa. He said when he became chief minister first time gone behind bars wing to family members. The party dismissed him. At that time why pontiffs did not support him? He condemned Yeddyurappa for ruling against the principles of Modi.

He questioned pontiffs that what is their contribution information of state government? He said the government formed following the cooperation of 17 MLAs belongs to other castes. He said Yeddyurappa did not build the party, it was built by many leaders' efforts, who ruled and step down honorably. He said despite Yeddyurappa became chief minister two times his exit is not going smoothly. He said pontiffs should be walking gods and not walking politicians. He condemned the stand of the Congres party and said former CM Siddaramaiah says corrupt Yeddyurappa should go. On other hand Shamanur Shiva Shankarappa supporting BSY. He told the first congress should clarify their stand.

He said former ministers Shamanur Shivashankrappa and M B Patil are businessmen and questioned that did they provide an MBBS seats to any poor student from the Lingayat community in their educational institutions?

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