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Tuesday, October 19 2021

Ramya E.

Why can’t children remember what they read?

18-Oct-2021 Column

Parents and teachers spend qualitative time to teach complicated as well as simple topics to children. But sometimes kids hardly remember stuff learned at...

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How childhood attachment affects adulthood

11-Oct-2021 Column

Responding quickly to child’s cry shows that it is safe and loved. This connection starts with newborns after birth and continues throughout a child’s...

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Before you punish your child remember these rules!

04-Oct-2021 Column

People believe that physical punishment is the ultimate tool to correct the unfavourable behaviour of the...

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Your child’s intelligence is beyond marks! 

27-Sep-2021 Column

Intelligence is a vast subject, and scores are not the only tool to judge your child’s intelligence. The marks indicate how well the person has...

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Five ways to teach your child self-discipline skills

20-Sep-2021 Column

It is not always easy to teach your child what is acceptable and non-acceptable...

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Check child’s handwriting for assessment of fine motor skills

13-Sep-2021 Column

Games like ‘Kavade’, ‘Kallata’, 'Pagade’, ‘Choukabaara’ develop hand-eye coordination and hand manipulation. These games also help refine visualisation skills, numerical skills, object control and attention...

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Parenting style: Does it affect your child’s behavior?

06-Sep-2021 Column

By inculcating proper parenting strategy it’s quite easy to develop self-discipline, values, and life skills among...

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