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Tuesday, October 19 2021

Sumayya Parveen A.

UAPA: A march towards puppetry

16-Oct-2021 Column

The right to dissent in an optimistic way, is an opportunity for the one being dissented to evolve and...

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Step towards protection of abandoned kids

09-Oct-2021 Column

National Crime Records Bureau ( NCB) estimates as many as one child for every eight minute disappears in our...

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Journalism without ethics; in the world of Kevin Carter!

02-Oct-2021 Column

The picture of a toddler crawling towards food centre and from a distance, an eagle hatching a plan to make a toddler its prey brought...

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Colonial language and the law of the land

25-Sep-2021 Column

As per the census report of 2011, it is only 0.02% of the population of India, who speaks English whereas, languages like Hindi and Kannada...

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NEP: Will the policy bring about much-needed change in Indian edu system?

18-Sep-2021 Column

Government of India in 2020 with an intention of bringing in an educational reform introduced a draft bill on New Education Policy...

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Is IT Act a journey towards mass surveillance?

11-Sep-2021 Column

In an internet era where a single spark kindled through social media could lead to a communal riot, such a law seems...

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Prisoners’ speedy trials: Towards realisation of personal liberty under Article 21

04-Sep-2021 Column

No person shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty except according to procedure established by...

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Afghans, media, India and CAA

28-Aug-2021 Column

A dramatic ascension of Taliban on to the throne of Afghanistan is the new piece of cake with our...

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Sulli Deals: Women can definitely deal

21-Aug-2021 Column

Sulli is a derogatory term used on Women and this app cum website seems to be another pathway to suppress the women...

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