ICAI Muscat chapter appoints new office bearers

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ICAI Muscat chapter appoints new office bearers

ICAI Muscat chapter appoints new office bearers

Media Release   ¦    May 20, 2019 02:39:44 PM (IST)

ICAI Muscat chapter appoints new office bearers-1Muscat: The Muscat Chapter of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) conducted its 11th Annual General Meeting recently. After the AGM, the managing committee (comprising of eight elected members) met and decided its office-bearers for the year 2019-20, with CA Ashwini Sawrikar as the new Chairperson.

The other office bearers are CA N Ramanada Prabhu as Vice Chairman, CA Sanil Varghese as Secretary and CA Ravi Prakash Deora as Treasurer. The other committee members include CA G S Bhavani Prasad, CA Manish Jain, CA Sajeev Surendran and CA Shah Nawaz Khan.

The new Chairperson, CA Ashwini assured that the committee is committed to taking the strong professional legacy forward and good work done by the past members. Under the leadership of CA Ashwini Sawrikar, the MC is confident of turning around one more successful year of quality professional development and education.

CA Ashwini Sawrikar stated at a discussion following their selection that they plan to further enhance the standing of the Muscat chapter of the ICAI and to convene seminars and events on a variety of topics that would help all accounting professionals become great business leaders.

The out-going Chairman - CA Bhavani Prasad - provided an overview of the activities carried out and events conducted by the Chapter for its members during the year. He stated that the events included professional education events as well as family events for the members. CA Bhavani thanked the College of Banking and Financial Studies (CBFS) for being the official sponsor for the ICAI-Muscat Chapter and thanked the past Chairmen of ICAI-Muscat Chapter and the parent Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, for their continued support and guidance.

ICAI-Muscat Chapter is sponsored by the CBFS and is set up under the Memorandum of Understanding between The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), New Delhi and The College of Banking and Financial Studies, Sultanate of Oman and has the objective of providing Continuing Professional Education to the members of the ICAI and this process of professional development is extended to the accountants and finance professionals of all nationalities. The chapter was established in 2008 and has over 300 members.

About ICAI: ICAI is the world’s second-largest professional accounting body that has been set up by legislation of Indian Parliament, over 70 years ago. ICAI was established with about 1,700 members and has grown to over 290,000 members. ICAI and the profession have touched new heights and reached the unfathomed corners of the earth. Building blocks of the profession are being consolidated and empowered. Continuing with vigorous efforts towards exploring and making available ample opportunities for the members, the endeavour of ICAI has been to continually strive to serve the members to the optimum. The USP of ICAI qualification has been an internationally benchmarked curriculum and exposition to practical training making the professionals groomed to the emerging needs of the accounting profession. It is the seminal body of accountancy with chapters all over the world.