Twitter campaign from Dubai Kannadigas to help Saudi Kuwait Kannadigas

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Twitter campaign from Dubai Kannadigas to help Saudi Kuwait Kannadigas

Twitter campaign from Dubai Kannadigas to help Saudi Kuwait Kannadigas

Team NK   ¦    Feb 11, 2021 04:45:22 PM (IST)

Twitter campaign from Dubai Kannadigas to help Saudi Kuwait Kannadigas-1

Abu Dhabi: Non-resident Kannadigas of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are in an emergency situation in Dubai and they are requesting the Karnataka government to come forward to help them. For this cause and to build Kannada bhavan in Dubai, proud Kannadiags of Dubai and Abu Dhabi are conducting a twitter campaign on February 11 at 5.00 PM at Dubai. 

UAE Kannadigas team helped the Kannadigas by collecting 85000/- Dirhams (Rs.17 Lakhs) for food, medicine, air tickets and financial assistance to those who have lost their jobs during the pandemic. In addition to this, in co-operation with Dubai Police, they helped the Covid patients to get emergency treatment and admission in the hospitals.

With a dream to find a job, hundreds of workers come to the Gulf country for their livelihood. On the day they get their salary, they stand in the queue of foreign exchanges and transfer money to their families. In a high temperature of 50 degree celsius, they work enduring all the difficulties.

Since direct entry to Saudi Arabi and Kuwait is restricted, those Kannadigas who came in search of job are required to undergo 16 days quarantine in Dubai and they can travel further only after receiving permission from both the countries. As the second phase of Corona wave has started, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait have closed all roads and air travel from Dubai and taken action prohibiting the workers. This action has come as jolt to those who have arrived on this route.

The workers who have arrived here with work Visa, by paying money to the agents, have nowhere to go. Realizing the actions of these countries, the Dubai Consulate has informed all the Indians to return back.

In this changed situation, non-resident Kannadigas have made food arrangements for few people who are in distress.  But they have to pay rent for their stay, and arrange for flight tickets to return to Karnataka. In this regard the people are requesting the Government to come forward and help them in whatever way possible.

The issues were addressed in a press conference which was attended by Mamatha Raghavendra, President, Sandeep Davanager, Ex-President, Sendil Bengaluru, Chief Secretary, Rafiq Ali Kodagu, Chief Convenor, and Committee Members Mamatha Sharjah, Anitha Bengaluru, Pallavi Davanager, Dr. Savitha Mysore, Hadiaya mandya, Vishnu Murthy Mysore, Shankar Belagavi, Mohiuddin Hubballi, a,d Sub-Committee members.

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