‘Nimmooru’ is all set to release

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‘Nimmooru’ is all set to release

‘Nimmooru’ is all set to release

Team NK   ¦    Jan 20, 2021 04:16:56 PM (IST)

‘Nimmooru’ is all set to release-1Nimmoru, a film of rural flavour is all set to release. The team has finished shooting and is concentrating on the marketing and promotions. The movie is produced by Hathavadi Cine Creations and is written and directed by Vijay S.

‘Nimmooru’ is all set to release-2Vijay has blended in the normal life of people in rural areas including love and comedy. The film is shot amidst the beautiful locations of Kollegala, Yelandur, Chamaraja Nagar, Talakadu, Sakaleshpur and Ranibennur. The post-production work is completed and the film is looking at release dates.


‘Nimmooru’ is all set to release-3Palani Velu is the Cinematographer, Abhinandan Kashyap and Madhu Sudandi have scored music. Lakshmi Ram, Veena Gangaram, Trivikram, Siddu Mandya, Manjunath, Anjinappa, Sudha are amongst the other artists in the film. Raja Shaekar and Chandrashekar have produced this film under Hathavadi Cine Creations.

Nimmooru will soon release.

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