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Chinese Armed Forces Reveal Cutting-Edge Rifle-Mounted Robot Dog


In recent years, advancements in robotics and artificial intelligence have led to the development of highly sophisticated robot dogs. These machines, once envisioned solely as tools for assistance and exploration, are now being adapted for military and security purposes. The latest and most controversial iteration of this technology involves robot dogs equipped with rifles mounted on their backs. One such model was showcased by the Chinese military recently, during recent military drills with Cambodia, as per a report in CNN.


The video of the robot dog was released by state broadcaster CCTV.

“It can serve as a new member in our urban combat operations, replacing our (human) members to conduct reconnaissance and identify (the) enemy and strike the target,” a soldier named Chen Wei said in the video, as reported by CNN.

The video also shows the dog walking, hopping, lying down and moving backwards while being controlled by a remote operator.

A soldier in the clip says that this robot dog is China’s “variety of intelligent unmanned equipment”.

This is not the first time that China has released such a video. Rifle-armed robotic canines appeared in a video of joint exercise involving the Chinese, Cambodian, Lao, Malaysian, Thai and Vietnamese militaries held in China last November.

Robot dogs were also showcased by the US Air Force in 2020 as part of its Advanced Battle Management System (ABMS).

A Chinese soldier is seen in another X video strolling through Cambodia accompanied by a robot dog that is fitted with a machine gun.

The ‘Golden Dragon’ military exercise is the biggest-ever combined military exercise between China and Cambodia. Commencing on May 16, the 15-day exercise will run through May 30. It consists of live-fire, counterterrorism, and humanitarian rescue exercises and includes 14 warships, two helicopters, 69 armored vehicles, and tanks.

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