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Microsoft Launches Copilot+ PCs with Innovative Recall and Cocreate Tools


During its Surface and AI event on Monday, Microsoft unveiled Copilot+ PCs, a new line of Windows PCs driven by artificial intelligence (AI). The manufacturer of Windows emphasized that these computers will have a unique chipset that can perform more than 40 trillion operations per second (TOPS), referring to them as “the fastest, most intelligent Windows PCs ever built.” Additionally, these PCs will integrate third-party AI-enabled apps like Adobe and CapCut, in addition to offering new AI features like Recall and Cocreate.


Copilot+ PCs are part of Microsoft’s AI PC vision and are essentially PC operating systems that allow OEMs to bring out the full potential of the hardware in place to support AI features. This class of PCs will come with specific hardware requirements. In its announcement post, the Windows maker revealed that Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Samsung have all partnered to launch Copilot+ PCs starting June 18. Microsoft will also introduce new Surface devices under this class.

So, what is new with Copilot+ PCs? Microsoft said these devices will get a new AI-powered Recall feature. Recall lets users visually check their usage history. Users will be able to scroll through a toggle bar to chronologically sift through their timeline as files, folders, and websites appear underneath in a preview box. The company said, “Copilot+ PCs organise information like we do – based on relationships and associations unique to each of our individual experiences.”

Another new feature is Cocreate, a tool for digital art creators, that is available within Paint and Photos. In Paint, as the user draws an image, the AI will also generate a visually similar image taking cues from the user. The user can go to the AI-drawn image and refine it with text prompts.

Users can use AI to restyle and edit images in Photos. In addition, Microsoft is working with other apps like LiquidText, Adobe, CapCut, DaVinci Resolve Studio, Cephable, and more to incorporate AI features. Additionally, Microsoft will provide these computer systems with access to Copilot, Live Captions, and other previously announced AI features.

Microsoft also unveiled a number of brand-new Copilot+ PCs that will be available to the general public shortly. These include the Asus Vivobook S 15, the Latitude 7455 and 5455 models from Dell, the HP OmniBook X AI PC and EliteBook Ultra G1q AI PC, the Lenovo Yoga Slim 7x, and the Acer Swift 14 AI.In addition, Samsung’s June 18 release date Galaxy Book 4 Edge will be categorized as a Copilot+ PC.

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