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Which company’s power bank is the best to buy in India?

Power Bank
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Technology has penetrated almost every aspect of our lives, changing them for the better. A day without our smartphones is almost unimaginable. Then there are tablets, music players, smartwatches and many other gadgets that help us stay productive and improve the quality of our lives. All these devices come with an internal battery that needs to be charged to remain functional. In fact, it is common to find multiple chargers and wires cluttered at a typical home, powering our electronic gadgets.

Power banks are portable electronic devices that come with a powerful battery that can charge multiple gadgets without having to plug them into a wall charging socket. As you can imagine, the biggest advantage they offer is portability. A power bank is not large or bulky as its primary purpose is to power other devices. This compactness makes them relatively easy to carry around, and they come in handy while going on trips or during a power-related emergency. Furthermore, there are several options available on the market, with realme power banks, Mi power banks and Redmi power banks being some of the most popular models.

What to look for in a Power Bank?

Having too many options can become confusing. With so many power banks to choose from, here are some of the key parameters that you should consider before making your selection.

  • Charging Capacity: The energy charge that a battery can hold is given in milliamp hours (mAh). Typically, if you have a battery of 1000 mAh, it implies 1A of current flowing for a period of one hour. However, phones and tablets today come with batteries of a larger capacity, such as the Tecno Spark Power 2 phone with a 6,000mAh battery. Naturally, your power bank should be capable of powering your devices based on the charge they need. Tablets and laptops have larger batteries, so calculate the approximate energy charge (mAh) that you would need and add a 10% buffer for good measure.
  • Charging Time: Both the time taken to charge the power bank and the time taken by the power bank to charge your phone need to be considered. Power banks with larger batteries may take longer to get charged. One of the popular options is the realme power bank that comes with a two-way Dart Charge feature. This allows you to charge the power bank fully in 1.5 hours using the Dart Charger.
  • Number and Type of Ports: The different gadgets you own may not have a standard charging type. Most modern smartphones come with a USB Type-C port, while the older ones may have a mini or micro-USB port. When investing in a power bank, it makes financial sense to cover as many devices as possible. I Kall and realme power banks are renowned for their compatibility with popular types of charging ports and also offer the ability to charge 2-3 devices simultaneously.
  • Type of Battery: Barring a few specific models, most power banks come with either a lithium-ion or a lithium polymer (Li-Po) battery. Li-Po batteries are more powerful, robust, durable, and lighter than their Li-ion counterparts. There is also a negligible risk of battery fluid leakage in these devices. Redmi and realme offer several power bank models that use Li-Po batteries.
  • Form Factor: Since a power bank is used to charge devices on the go, it is also worth noting the size, build, and weight of the power bank. Mi and realme power banks are some of the slimmest and lightest in the market, with the realme Power Bank 3i weighing a mere 210 gms.


One of the newer words to enter the internet vocabulary is NOMOPhobia (NO MObile PHone PhoBIA). This means the fear of not having your phone around or being unable to use it due to lack of charge. While this is just a casual term, the need to stay connected online can be crucial in an emergency or other forms of distress. A power bank allows you to charge your phone or tablet’s battery to reach out to friends, family, and authorities even while you’re on the move. Brands like realme, I Kall, Mi and Ambrane offer excellent power banks, with realme power banks providing the most benefits.

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