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Top Key Things You Must Be Aware of Regarding Microsoft Teams

The Covid-19 pandemic forced a sudden switch to the work-from-home model worldwide. While working remotely, one of the essential things to maintain is effective communication between the employees. Luckily we have many applications at our disposal that assist us in maintaining strong communication between our colleagues. One such application, being used by an abundance of organizations, is Microsoft Teams. Though you might already learn from your Microsoft Teams Training sessions, still, in this post, we will like to make you aware of certain vital things regarding Microsoft Teams.

1. State-of-the-Art Security

Like other applications that are a part of the Microsoft 365 package, Microsoft Teams provides state-of-the-art security. Apart from the two-factor authentication, Teams encrypts your incoming and outgoing messages as well. Encryption exists for the messages in the cloud as well. However, even though Teams is entirely secure, the cool thing is that it allows you to communicate with your colleagues seamlessly and the collaborators are present externally to the organization. The administrator can create guest accounts on Microsoft Teams for external collaborators like business partners, clients, contractors, or more.

2. Access your conversation from anywhere

Teams app is present on Windows/MAC desktop systems and even on Android/iOS mobile devices. You can log out from your Windows/MAC machine application and, after that, access the same conversation on your Android/iOS mobile device. Even the files that you share with your colleagues use SharePoint at the backend. This means you can access the shared files as well on different devices. Furthermore, you can send messages or files to offline colleagues as well.

3. Robust Audio/Video Calling Facility

Microsoft Teams extends its audio/video calling services to mobile devices as well. This means users who have to change their work location between the office and their homes can constantly communicate and collaborate even while on the commute. So, it doesn’t matter how unpredictable your schedule is; Microsoft Teams will allow you to connect with your colleagues or client effortlessly. However, you need to make sure that you have a working internet connection on your mobile device. But, you need not fret about the speed of your internet connection as Teams allows you to connect easily with your colleagues over audio or video call on an internet speed as low as 2 Mbps.

Apart from this, the video call in Microsoft Teams comes with a Background Blur feature. While working from home, you might have to enter into an unexpected video call from your bedroom or kitchen. Some might not have the luxury of office space in their homes, thereby forcing them to take the video calls from an environment that might not be professional. In such cases, the feature of Background Blur comes handy. On a video call, turning on Background Blur blurs all the objects in the background and maintains focus on you. However, please note that this feature works on things only. If any of your family members unknowingly come in front of the camera, the background blur won’t work on them.

4. Other Industry-Specific Features

Features about emergency services, healthcare, and education are present in Microsoft Teams as well. For example, teachers can use the channel ‘classrooms’ on Microsoft Teams and take online classes for their students. The application also features virtual breakout rooms where students together can work on group assignments.

As far as healthcare is concerned, Microsoft Teams comes with an EHR connector. Using the EHR connector, healthcare workers can directly connect with their patients over a video call and even schedule a home visit using the Teams calendar.

5. Keep it Light Through Emoji, GIFs, and Stickers.

In various other official communication applications, not much stress is given to emojis. However, Microsoft has given special attention to the same in Teams. Apart from the regular emoji, you have the option to use stickers and GIFs. You can even create custom GIFs on Microsoft Teams.

6. Integration of third-party Apps

Apart from integrating the remaining Microsoft 365 apps with Teams, there are various useful third-party app integrations available as well like Weather, Stocks, Wikipedia, and more. Other than the third-party app integrations, Teams contain a few bots that assist you in automating specific tasks. For example, you can utilize a bot on Microsoft Teams to pull reports from Salesforce or Google Analytics. So, you can see that Microsoft has put a lot of thought while developing the Teams application.

7. Keyboard Shortcuts and Commands

The Teams search bar acts as a command-line interface as well. This allows you to perform everyday tasks on teams quite easily. For example, /available command will change your status on Teams to open. Similarly, /find command allows you to look for a particular phrase in an active conversation. Apart from these commands, Teams feature an abundance of keyboard shortcuts. Hence, allowing you to skip the use of a mouse or a trackpad. A perfect example of a keyboard shortcut on Teams can be Ctrl+ Shift +M, allowing you to toggle Mute during an audio/video call. You can check the available commands as well as keyboard shortcuts for Teams on the Microsoft support website.


As you can see from the above points, Microsoft Teams is a perfect application for maintaining effective communication between colleagues while working from a remote location, thereby ensuring timely deliverables for the clients. 

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