Karnataka Unity Movement to be held on March 20

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Karnataka Unity Movement to be held on March 20

Karnataka Unity Movement to be held on March 20

Ismail M Kutty   ¦    Team NK   ¦   Feb 25, 2021 11:15:58 PM (IST)

Karnataka Unity Movement to be held on March 20-1

Shivamogga:  State farmers' association and Green Army President, H.R. Basavarajappa said "Karnataka Unity Movement scheduled to be held on March 20 is not just a movement against the three Farm Bills, but will continue till the BJP is brought down from power in the Centre and the state."

He told in a press conference that in the 1970s there was an emergency. Today, an undeclared emergency has been created. Those who supported the agricultural struggle were being jailed like in the emergency period in the 1970s.
The situation of the 1980s is being re-created. Today it is a fight against the BJP and the Sangh Parivar.

Thanks to Modi

Peasant organizations were divided. But PM Modi has put us together. I want to thank PM Modi for making us fight together. The rights of the people and women of the country are being curtailed. Our fight is against that, he said.

But this struggle will continue until the bill is withdrawn and the Government is overthrown. Therefore the agitation to be held on 20th Match at Shivamogga will become a model for our struggle, he added. 

The rights of journalists have also been curtailed. He asked the journalists who raised their voices when Kumaraswamy blocked the entry of the media in the Legislative Assembly, are now silent. Is this not a curtailment of freedom of Media?

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