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Monday, March 04 2024
Know Your Child

Never say these phrases to your children

know your child
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Not all things can be taught at school. Children learn things the way how we raise them. Certain things really matter when we talk about raising children. They either be optimistic or pessimistic depending on the phrases we use while conversing with them. Certain things totally damage their self-concept. Parents need to be extra careful while telling these phrases frequently to their kids.

You should always win

It is a common expectation of every parent. But winning is always not possible. When children win we celebrate and tell them to celebrate. But failures are not accepted in the same way.

Children need to be taught to win as well as lose. It is wrong to always keep winning in life because sometimes everything is determined by time and for some reason, your children may lose. Then you should also teach them to lose so that their minds are not hurt. Failures are part of life.

You should score great marks

The idea of marks- Not all students have the same memory or the same interest. So, it is not right to insist that you should score high marks for every child. You won’t even be able to score for forcing them so they can get depressed. You can make all the effort to score good marks but forcing is not good.

You always concentrate on extracurricular activities

All children are not always good at scoring good marks. Few are more interested in playing games or extracurricular activities. It is also wrong to say don’t play games, play, sing, paint, etc. because your children are more interested in any of these areas and that can lead to their success in life.

Never play with him/her

Parents are usually worrying about how their children interact with others and with whom they develop a friendship. Never tell your children to only hang out with good readers or class toppers and never accompany those who score well. This is how you bring differentiation. Let your child treat everyone equally. Experiences are the real lesson of life and that is why you should let them join all kinds of students as well.

We do our best as parents to help our children grow up to be happy and healthy. Children have a natural desire to be independent. As they learn to navigate through the world, it is our privilege to help guide them on their journey.

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Ramya E.

The author is a counselor and lifeskills trainer who has trained over 2000 students. She holds an M.Sc. in Psychology.

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