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Know Your Child

Self-love starts from within, help your child practice it

know your child
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We tend to get negative when it comes to self-image often. It sometimes really bothers us. We might continue with the same thought and it might transfer to the younger generation too.

Self-love is something that needs to be practised at a young age. When children go through different development stages they undergo changes in their emotions, cognitive level, or physical/psychological way. So their body keeps changing and they have to deal with an identity crisis. Along with this, they seem to have peer pressure too. During all these changes, they might feel ashamed or they might not like some aspects of them due to which self-blame or self-criticism arises. If this appears for a longer period of time, their self-esteem level will take a hit.

So, how parents can help their children to start loving themselves?

Accept yourself and start loving yourself

When you talk about parenting, everything that you do starts from within. So, as a parent, you start accepting yourself first. However, you are, like the way how you are, accept your flaws, and keep talking about them in a positive way. The life that you are leading will always be bliss so enjoy it. Slowly you can see the transformation in the child.

Body shaming and body image

As soon as the child enters the pubertal stage developmental growth is common. Their body shape, and size change. As a result, they feel awkward and some are not happy about their body changes. As a result, few children indulge in eating-related disorders in the name of diet. Accepting their overweight or the underweight body becomes difficult. So explaining body shaming and self-love is important in this phase.

Stop criticising for small things

Parents usually get upset about two things. One is school grade and another is behavioural issues of their children. If their every action are being judged or criticised harshly, they develop poor self image of themselves otherwise they might be over reactive to everything.

Let them feel special

It’s important for you to help your children discover their own unique talent and qualities, and to value their own strengths. But also teach them that feeling special doesn’t mean feeling better than others.

Set goals

Teach your kids to work towards a goal and to have pride in their accomplishments. Provide them with opportunities for success.

Try, and try again

Encourage your children to try things their own way, face challenges and take risks.

Self love is not self obsession. Once you start giving importance to yourself, you will automatically start loving yourself. The same thing applies to children but they do not have the concept of self acceptance at a young age but definitely it can be practiced.

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Ramya E.

The author is a counselor and lifeskills trainer who has trained over 2000 students. She holds an M.Sc. in Psychology.

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