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Tuesday, April 16 2024


Once-in-a-Lifetime Star Explosion Seen After 80 Years

07-Apr-2024 Science

Amateur astronomers will have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see this space oddity when a massive explosion 3,000 light years from Earth flares up in the night sky sometime between now and...

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Solar Eclipse 2024: Dates, Safety Tips, and Viewing Guide

06-Apr-2024 Science

On April 8, the first solar eclipse of 2024 is scheduled to darken the...

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US Scientists’ ‘Secret’ Test: Sending Sunlight to Cool Earth

05-Apr-2024 World

According to a report from the New York Times, researchers in the United States have been exploring methods to mitigate the effects of Earth's rising...

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Scientists Uncover Oceans on Emerging Planet

29-Feb-2024 Science

Researchers have made a significant discovery when they discover copious amounts of water vapor in a dust disk that surrounds a newborn...

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240-Million-Year-Old ‘Chinese Dragon’ Found by Scientists

23-Feb-2024 World

A remarkable discovery of a 240 million year old "Chinese dragon" fossil has been made by scientists in...

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Vyommitra: Robot Astronaut Mimics Human Functions in Space

04-Feb-2024 Science

The Indian Space Research Organization's (ISRO) ambitious Gaganyaan mission, which will be the nation's first manned space flight with Indian astronauts, will launch later than...

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NASA Finds Super-Earth: Habitable Planet 137 Light-Years Away

04-Feb-2024 Science

A planet that might harbor life has been identified as a "super-Earth" by the US space agency...

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February 2: Massive 890ft Asteroid’s Close Call

29-Jan-2024 Science

NASA reports that five massive asteroids will fly past Earth, with one of them coming within the closest distance...

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Cereal Box-Size Satellites to Explore Solar Activity

01-Dec-2023 Open Space

NASA scientists have finished building six identical spacecraft the size of cereal boxes with the goal of studying solar radio bursts, and they are currently...

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Chandrayaan-3 rocket part hits the ocean from space

16-Nov-2023 Science & Technology

The upper stage of the Indian rocket that put into orbit the Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft came back to earth and hit the North Pacific Ocean, said...

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Webb, Hubble join hands to create most colourful view of universe

11-Nov-2023 Science & Technology

The powerful James Webb Space Telescope and Hubble Space Telescope have together imaged visible and infrared light to create one of the most comprehensive...

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