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Assam Elephants Navigate Flooded Brahmaputra, Video Goes Viral


Elephants are not typically associated with navigating deep water, but a remarkable herd from Assam is challenging that perception. Stunning footage recently emerged of these tuskers swimming through the Brahmaputra River, captivating viewers with their graceful traversal. The scene, captured near Assam’s Jorhat district at Nimati Ghat, showcases the elephants moving closely together through the river’s deep currents, expertly photographed by Sachin Bharali.

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In the viral video, only a small portion of the elephants’ bodies is visible as they navigate the submerged landscape. The mesmerizing visuals have garnered widespread attention, amassing over a million views on Instagram and sparking a range of reactions online.


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Social media users expressed awe at the sight, with one commenting, “Never seen such a big herd. Amazingly captured, Sachin.” Another likened the scene to a “Chocolate shake with chocolate beans,” highlighting the unique and breathtaking quality of the footage.

The Brahmaputra River’s water levels have been rising due to heavy rains in Assam, posing flood threats in the region. In Jorhat district, where the elephants were filmed, the water levels reached 84.70 meters, surpassing the warning mark of 84.54 meters recorded on June 15th.

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued alerts for severe to extremely heavy rainfall in several districts, including Kokrajhar, Chirang, Baxa, Goalpara, Sonitpur, and Bishwanath, until June 23rd. These weather conditions underscore the challenges faced by both wildlife and communities in the flood-prone region.

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